nani was NINETEEN and such a fucking badass who was so protective of lilo and just ROLLED with aliens being a thing towards the end of the movie. #1 Disney relative of all time.

I have honestly been waiting AGES for the right gifset to express the wonderful perfection that is Nani. She is not only protective of Lilo, she respects the way Lilo’s imagination and quirkiness works.

Pudge the fish got a peanut butter sandwich every Thursday. Nani does not argue the logic of feeding him, only suggests an alternative sandwich when they are out of peanut butter. Lilo was allowed to take as many photos of whatever mundane or odd subjects as she wanted and Nani would get them developed. Nani recognized what were important habits for Lilo.

When Lilo asks for a pet lobster, Nani does not tell her that lobsters are not pets. She tells her, “We don’t have a lobster door, we have a dog door.” She makes sure the woman at the pound does not tell Lilo that “Stitch is not a real name”.


The only time we truly see Nani get angry with Lilo is when she is scared of Lilo being taken away. Nani spends the entire movie stressed out over taking care of her sister, trying to find a job, trying to make sure her sister has a friend, and yet she is always willing to put that extra effort, over and over again, to make sure that Lilo always believes that anything is possible.

This is a great moment because she probably *remembered* that Lilo said this once. And you know what? Shes not ending this day by letting her little sister think this is her fault. She’s not having an easy time trying to be a parent, but she knows none of this is her sisters fault, and shes not going to let her think it is. 

And half of her terror of losing Lilo isnt even just losing her family; its knowing that wherever Lilo goes, they won’t know how to do these things. They won’t understand her. 

What a good movie. 

Casual reminder that the reason Lilo obsessively feeds the fish is because her parents died in a rainstorm and she firmly believes Pudge controls the weather. If you pay attention to the feeding sequence you will notice that storm clouds recede and dissipate, a visual narrative that confirms this.

It’s not just a habit. It’s a very real part of Lilo’s healing process and Nani understands that.

Also if you pay attention to Nani’s room you’ll notice she had surfing posters and trophies. She was very much on her way to being a pro surfer but had to give it up to become the adult Lilo needed her to be.

And not ONCE does Nani show her sister any resentment. It’s worth it to keep her family together. This is a young woman who is willing to sacrifice all of her dreams and make incredibly grown up decisions.

What I am saying is Nani is the best disney princess of all time. Disney Queen even.

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Holy mother of god, my feels.

Saturday and Sunday of the July 19th and 20th weekend saw a great deal of violence in San Francisco at Fort Mason. Blood was shed, brave warriors fell, and cries of great beasts were heard throughout the land. You did well to avoid this conflict if you are 28 mm high and made of plastic, resin or pewter. However, if you are closer to 6 feet, flesh and blood, and interested in the game of Warhammer Fantasy Battles, you may have missed the Quake City Rumble.

I’ve written about this game before, so skip this paragraph if you know what’s going on. For those of you new to my column, Warhammer Fantasy is a tabletop miniature game played by two or more players. Each player selects an race and builds a force from the rules governing that race. Armed with tape measures and a fist full of dice, they do battle by moving their models over a battlefield, resolving cannon shot and monsters breathing fire by comparing their die rolls to unit statistics and charts. Armies are comprised of several different sorts of troop types: Characters, the great leaders, mages and fighters that command units; Infantry, the grunt troops that slog into battle on their own two feet; Cavalry, units that ride into the fight atop all manner of mounts; Flyers, units that are able to travel great distances over the heads of their foes; Monsters, including monstrous infantry or monstrous cavalry, whose presence alone can make troops turn tail and flee; and War Machines, engines of destruction that lob great stones, or launch spears through the air. Each unit has a point cost and an availability, so for this tournament, players put together 2500 points worth of models and deploy them on the battlefield. Games last for 6 turns, and the winner is typically the one who destroys the most stuff. At least, I assume that’s true, since I wrote it last time, and no one called me out on it.

"Yeah, that guy’s right!"

The Quake City Rumble (QCR) is one of the big names of Grand Tournaments in the country, and organized by the gaming club Leadership 2. You might recognize this name from a host of finalist lists around the country. These guys get around, and place highly pretty much everywhere they go. They also have one of the snazziest websites that I have I seen for a gaming club.  By the way, the name is a play on the Leadership stat from Warhammer. A Leadership score of 2 is the lowest in the game. For a bunch of guys that make goblins look disciplined, they sure know how to put a tournament together.

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San Diego Comic Con International 2014 has been a great time already for Star Wars fans! Thursday night we attended the Star Wars: Rebels panel with Dave Filoni (writer and director), Simon Kinberg (creator and writer), Freddie Prinze Jr (voice, Kanan), Vanessa Marshall (voice, Hera), Steve Blum (voice, Zeb), Taylor Gray (voice, Ezra), and Tiya Sircar (voice, Sabine). I live tweeted the entire panel @horatiolikestoy on twitter, so coverage of anything said in the panel can be found there. 

It’s what we did after the panel that warrants review and discussion. After attending the panel we buzzed across the Gaslamp to Reading Cinema for a private showing of the first episode of Star Wars: Rebels. This was the first showing available to members of the public, and it was not easy to access. We were invited as part of Saber Guild, a costuming group that we work with. 

For this review, I’m going to avoid spoilers, but still give details, so anyone who doesn’t want to know anything about the episode should leave now. The episode opens on a tight shot of Ezra looking down on a Lothal (The name of his homewold. -Ed) street, while a group of Imperial Officers are harassing a fruit peddler. From the very beginning we’re shown a very specific side of imperial tyranny. It’s smaller than the wholesale destruction of a planet, and left in the hands of officers saying, “What are you going to do to stop us?” as they steal from the proletariat. At first I felt the inclination to describe my first impressions of Ezra as a Robin Hood type hero, but I very quickly identified him more along the line of Disney’s Aladdin. Ezra rescues the fruit peddler, but takes a little extra fruit for himself. Hardly a major theft but definitely a notable character development. 

It becomes clear that Ezra is a conflicted character, he despises the Empire and everything they stand for, but is more interested in his own well being than acting as a Robin Hood - at first. “I’ll stick it to the empire, but who’s going to stick there neck out that far?” He asks Hera, who replies “We do.”

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Comic-con is on! For those of you stuck at home, the Ace of Geeks is here to fill you in on what’s been happening - be sure to check out our twitter account during the show for live updates, videos and photos. We’ll also be providing wrap ups of each day here on the blog. Today, we’ve got Justin Rhodes and Megan Marie Fox with their thoughts on Day One.

Justin Rhodes & Megan Marie Fox
Slouched out of bed a bit before 8. That’s actually sleeping in for a cosplayer. After we slapped on some TNG tunics and light make-up we set off for the day. Many “Live long and prospers” from random strangers later and we were back inside the convention center.
I bid Megan adieu and trekked (pun intended) to my first panel of the day “Show Your Story, Don’t Tell It” with Maxwell Alexander Drake. The panel was a one-man show of writing advice, complete with power-point presentation, and it was good advice. How-to panels are not usually counted among the main draws of the convention, but this was an hour well spent. For aspiring creative types you should do at least one panel dedicated to improving your craft per con if not more.

Megan and I reunited to follow through on our plan of participating in as many convention adjacent activities as possible. There are so many events that take place outside of the convention center that are just as worthwhile as some of the things that happen inside of it. With that in mind, and knowing that Thursday would likely be the least crowded day for such misadventures, we made our way to the Nerdist Borderlands themed laser tag.

The Ace of Geeks Podcast comes to you live from…not Comic-con. But we get over our suffering by talking about how great this season of The Legend of Korra has been, the awesome film Bounty Killer, the really fun card game Slash, and Jarys lovingly reads us some dinosaur erotica.

Comic-con is on! For those of you stuck at home, the Ace of Geeks is here to fill you in on what’s been happening - be sure to check out our twitter account during the show for live updates, videos and photos. We’ll also be providing wrap ups of each day here on the blog. Today, we’ve got John Garcia with a wrap up of the goings on before the con has even opened, and Megan Marie Fox with her thoughts on preview night.


My group of friends got a good deal at an extended-stay hotel, but only if we get a certain number of days, so since last year, my group has done the Monday to Monday stay for SDCC.

Most of Monday was spent traveling and we got to the hotel really late, so I figure I would start filling you guys in on Tuesday, July 22.

We still had a lot of last-min costume construction to do. A lot of my hotel-mates and friends are from the 405th Infantry Division of Halo cosplayers, so they were working on missing bits of armor pieces, while I was working on leftover touches on my Brother Warth costume.

We decided to take a break and do some fun, touristy things around San Diego. We went to this amazing place called “Hash House a Go Go” on 4th street.  They are famous for their amazing breakfast things like a chicken and waffles tower with amazing country friend sage-flavored chicken and waffles that have bacon inside. (Next time, I’d better eat breakfast before reading your articles, John. -Ed)

This year, though, after a 30 min wait, I got a giantic 18-oz hammered, country-fried pork loin. It was around a 16 inch by 16 inch monster.  

That’s a regular-sized ketchup bottle to scale. It’s a GINORMOUS  dish.

It’s also a breakfast dish, so it comes with scrambled eggs, biscuit “sstuffing”, some vegetables inside.  Look:

I was only able to eat a quarter of that monster.  Even the to-go box was a 9 by 12 inch foil tray.

We also went to the museums at Balboa Park, and there were a lot of museums… Natural History, Automotive, Sports, Space and Aerial, Photography, and some specialized ones.  What got our attention was the Air and Space Museum, which had a lot of full-scale or reconstructed planes, from a life-sized da Vinci glider, to a full-size Predator drone, to an actual decommissioned SR-71 Blackbird .

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Do you carry around a tube of blood known as your health pool? Does it slowly seep away no matter what kind of injury you have received? Or are metaphorical representations a good way to get a game to work but not really expected to be anything like the real world?

Lets back up. Patrick Lindsey wrote an article about gaming and mental illness, taking issue with two common portrayals of madness: the bat-shit crazy psychopath who does his bad deeds because he’s off his rocker (fair enough), and oddly, the sanity meter in many horror games.

First off, the introduction was very sensitively written, props. Second, I admit that “well he’s a bad guy because he’s nuts” is a little old (British understatement). It also misses the fact that even madness has motivation. We crazy people have reasons for doing the things we do, they just might not be clear.

But I take issue with Lindsey’s first argument. That the mechanics of having a sanity meter even belongs in the discussion of the portrayal of mental illness.  What do I mean? I’m Bipolar I. I’ve had delusions. I’ve had hallucinations. I’ve experienced some really frightening crap. And I really like the idea of a sanity meter.

Why? Because it owes literary allegiance to the Lovecraft idea that seeing too much slowly drains away your ability to cope with the world. And guess what? Sometimes that’s what madness is like. Sometimes the more you see, the harder it is to get by and get over it. Because anyone who says being mentally ill isn’t sometimes scary is lying. The sanity meter also just a device, like a mana pool. A way to quantify terror and the peculiar things it does to anyone’s brain.

I also like the way games toy with you when you run low or worse run out, which Lindsey also objects to. Because, frankly, that isn’t all that different from being either untreated, or what you experience when the meds don’t work. (Yep, that happens). When you are in the grips of an episode, the world just doesn’t work the way it should.

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San Diego Comic-con International, known to its friends as SDCC, or simply Comic-con, has been the biggest event in the Nerd World for more than forty years now. With the explosion of Geek Culture in the last ten years, the event has grown to mammoth size, drawing hundreds of thousands of people, and taking over the entirety of San Diego’s Gaslamp district. For those heading to the convention for the first time, and even for those going for the fiftieth time, SDCC can be hugely overwhelming. With so much to see and do, how do you decide how to spend your time? We at the Ace of Geeks have taken the time to do some of that legwork for you, and put together a list of the best stuff to see and do at Comic-con this year.

The main event of SDCC is the convention itself. That’s where you’ll find most of the biggest happenings. If you managed to get a ticket, you’ll want to spend most of your days checking out the panels and the wonders on display in the exhibition hall. Here’s some highlights:
Hall H
If you’ve been to Comic-con before, you already know about Hall H. For you first timers, here’s the deal: Hall H is the biggest panel room at the convention center. It’s where all of the movie studios pull out their largest stunts and show their best footage. Last year, as pictured above, Tom Hiddleston showed up in costume and character as Loki, working the crowd into a frenzy for Thor: The Dark World. 
The problem with Hall H is that everyone wants to get in. To make the trek to the legendary hall is to begin waiting in line at 6pm the day before, at the latest. You’ll make lots of good friends in line, but you will be there for hours. Bring a chair, pillows, and things to do. The highlights of Hall H this year include The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones back to back from 12:20 to 3:00 on Friday, Marvel Studios at 5:30 on Saturday, and Supernatural, Sons of Anarchy and The Strain on Sunday. DC will also be showing the pilots of The Flash, Arrow, Gotham and Constantine on Saturday night at 8. If any of these are something you’re interested in, prepare to camp out and try to spend the whole day in the Hall. It’s the only way to be sure.
Ballroom 20
Ballroom 20 is Hall H’s little brother. Take everything I said in the above paragraphs, and minus it by a few hours in line and a few less seats in the room. But don’t miss The Legend of Korra on Friday at 11:15, and the biggest costume party of them all, the Comic-con Masquerade on Saturday at 8:30.
The rest of the panels  are too numerous to count, but dive into the Comic-con scheduler here for more highlights.
Every year, hundreds of companies show up to Comic-con with exclusive products you won’t be able to get anyone else. Pictured above is Hasbro’s Knights of Unicron. It’s four of the Transformers done up in 80s hair metal style, and it’s amazing. Exclusives, like Hall H, have to be a focus of your stay if you’re headed out to pick them up. Expect to wait in lines that start at 3am and having to run across the floor to the right booth. Get a map. Plan it out. And for god’s sake, don’t ask a friend to “just pick up an exclusive real quick.”
Here’s some highlights from this year:

Bandai is producing a Legacy Dragon Dagger from Power Rangers in gold plate. Hasbro,  in addition to the Knights, is putting out a Deadpool Mr. Potato Head. Mattel is offering this kick-ass figure of Doomsday in his outfit from his original appearance.

Keep in mind that the booths with the coolest stuff (Hasbro, Mattel) will have the longest lines. Hasbro usually has a line outside the convention center to get a ticket to get in line inside the convention center.
Look, it’s called San Diego Comic-con, right? So you’d be surprised to find out that the least crowded part of the convention is always the artist’s alley and the comic book area. Push way to both sides of the hall by the giant studio displays, these areas are always quieter, which is great for some rest, but also hold tons of untapped treasures. The art on display is beautiful, and I always come home with more prints than I can actually fit on my walls. And while you may not be able to afford that Action Comics #1, last year I came away with the first issues of Young Justice and Wolverine, both of which are now framed on my wall. Don’t just stick to the eye-catching center of the con, head to the fringes and you’ll love what you find.
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image Fan art by Sam “Hidalgo” Logan

 A little over one week ago, the big comic book companies started leaking to the press upcoming changes for their fall comic line up. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that Marvel has revealed that Thor’s mantle will soon be worn by a female, and that Captain America will soon transfer his costume to his good friend Falcon. These past weeks DC has also been stirring up dust, arguably trying to meld the new 52 line up with the old.

DC has gotten grittier and darker over the years, and not all fans are happy with that. However, reverting characters to their starting positions is clearly not an option. How to make things lighter? DC’s answer clearly is selfies, stereotypes, and cliches.

Although there have been major changes made to many books, the most striking and infuriating changes (in my humble opinion) have been made to my favorite character, Batgirl. I’m not going to mince things here, our little Barbara Gordon has been through a lot. To quote artist and member of the new creative team, Cameron Stewart, “Batgirl has really been put through the wringer in recent years – after being attacked and paralyzed by the Joker, her brother turning out to be a serial murderer, the trauma of her family breaking apart and the series of gruesome villains she’s had to contend with, we figured she deserved a break from all that.”

Basically, Bab’s life is pretty dark. Even in between saving people from mentally ill supervillans, pretty standard stuff for the modern comic. In reality she would be clinically depressed and maybe even medicated, but in the comic world, she trudges on, triumphantly, without need of a mental health professional.

Having been through so much, it is hard for me to understand the logic as to why this Barbara Gordon, who has had so many experiences beyond her twenty-some years, would just suddenly decide she’d “had enough… after her apartment burns down” and move to the Gotham equivalent of Williamsburg, Brooklyn to live with a bunch of hipsters.

Say it ain’t so? Here’s the rest of what Cameron Stewart had to say, “Just prior to the start of our story she’s pushed to the breaking point and decides that she’s had it with misery and darkness and wants a change. She wants the opportunity to have some fun and live the life of a young, single girl in the city, so she packs up and moves to Burnside, the cool, trendy borough of Gotham, to focus on grad school.”

So… yeah. This is definitely happening. I’ve heard rumors Babs is even majoring in Woman’s Studies… and I am not happy. In fact I am quite angry Not just at this take on Batgirl. Alone, this direction could work, but combined with candid statements from the creative team and the “practical” new outfit I am in full on nerd rage mode.

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